One down for March!

Evening All,

Our concert today at the Wesley Music Centre went really well! It was a packed out crowd, with only space for the microphone tripod and one or two others - it was a great audience, a real pleasure to play to so many appreciative people.

Jack & I performed the first movement of Beethoven's Piano & Cello Sonata in A Major  followed by the entirety of the turbulent Brahms E Minor Piano & Cello Sonata. Quite a full-on program but definitely two amazing pieces of music and so very enjoyable. As it was a lunchtime concert we decided to go for the more relaxed look with jeans on stage! Check us out in the photo below. :)

Kimberley Steele & Jack Hobbs at the Wesley Music Centre, March 6, 2013 

Jack told the audience about how we first met - a funny story whereby I just walked into his practice room one day and started playing some Schumann with him. The other side of that story is that I'd just received some bad news that day at the ANU School of Music and I heard a cellist playing one of my favourite pieces so I just decided to turn lemons into lemonade and knock on the door. And the rest so they say "is history"!

Don't forget that I have a number of performances coming up in the next few weeks, please check out my other post here for more details.